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  The Voynich Manuscript in brief
  • Discovered by Wilfried Voynich in 1912
  • Bizarre illustrations, and text in an unknown script
  • Resisted decipherment; nobody knew whether it was a code, an unknown language or a hoax
  • It appeared too strange to be a language but too complex to be a hoax
  • I showed in 2004 that it could have been hoaxed using low-tech methods
  My work
  • The method I proposed
  • The background: my work on expertise and expert mistakes in reasoning
  • Common misunderstandings
  • Arguments and debates
  • Text produced using table and grille: machine-readable
  • Text produced using table and grille: images
  • High-res photo of a table
  • Replicas of pages from the Manuscript (with new text from table and grille)
  • Wikipedia
  • The Voynich Manuscript online
  • My book: Blind Spot
  • My Scientific American article
  • The Wired article on my work
  • Rene Zandbergenís site
  • Stolfiís site
  • Philip Nealís site
  • Rich SantaColomaís site
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