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Academic skills for students

Reading and literature reviews
Finding and reading relevant literature efficiently is an important skill. However, identifying what's relevant, and making sense of it once you find it, can both be non-trivial problems. The articles below explain why literature reviews are useful, and how to handle them efficiently and well.
Academic writing
Academic writing is very different from business writing, journalistic writing, etc. There are good reasons for this, but they are seldom explained to students. The articles below unpack the reasons, and describe ways of signalling your strength and knowledge through your writing.





Life at Uni 
University life can be disconcerting for new students; it's very different from anything they've experienced before. For students nearing the end of their course, there are stresses from final exams, and from thinking about job hunting and life planning. The articles below are intended to help with these and other issues.

This section covers miscellaneous points that many students find useful.